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 Starcraft/Broodwar ZvT

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PostSubject: Starcraft/Broodwar ZvT   Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:37 am

Basics: The general build for ZvT is 12 hatch 11 pool 13 hatch 16 gas this is called the 3 hatchery build and it is very economy based from getting 3 hatcheries early on to combat the terran. Mid game is played with Lurkers or Mutalisks into Lurkers and Late game is Defilers into Ultralisks.

These are the different builds that Terran may do and how you counter against it.

1Barracks Into CommandCenter : This build is the most common and is considered the standard TvZ build against this once scouted Zerg can relax on defenses and chose between two choices with the larva available with him. There are two choices, you can either with your 4 larva (3 larva main 1 larva natural) can build 8 lings right away to hope to harrass the Terran expansion OR you can build 4 zerglings and 2 drones to stabilize the economic race, the 4 zerglings are to kill the terran scout (2 zerglings are rather ineffective at this).
After your initial zergling choice you want to drone heavily vs a fast expansion terran and gas at 16/18 (always before overlord). Generally you should have on most maps an overlord on the Terrans cliff or path in which they push out. Use the overlord to your advantage! see when they get their medics out and when they do place 2-4 sunkens according to how many marine medic they have. the recommended force to have out for a push after fast expansion would be 8 zerglings and 2-3 sunkens the zerglings only have to be built as the medics are out any later and they are ineffective as trading them in instead of getting a drone.

If the Terran does not push out to make you sunken up, dont sunken. You should at that point when your mid game tech comes out whether it be Lurker or Mutalisk take another expansion WITH GAS, and build an evolution chamber and a queens nest for hive tech (if you went mutalisks put the hydralisk den for lurkers at the same time as the evolution chamber) against Terran ALWAYS get Carapace, Carapace is the most effective upgrade. If the Terran survives your mid game tech which is likely from his economic build he will try for a timing push (if you went lurker he will try for before defiler if you went mutalisk he will try for before lurker). Against a timing push Micro is key! Micro will decide the game if of course you have macroed correctly and your gas count is below 400.

Once you beat the Terran's timing push you may proceed with taking your 4th expansion, upgrading level 2 carapace and placing a defiler mound.

There are two ways to play once you get your defilers out.

1.) you may play with defilers to swarmwalk (continuous lines of swarms) to your opponent Terrans natural expansion and watch as he is helpless to kill the lurkers under the swarm.

2.) The other option is to use nydus canal and proper defiler placement to your advantage in order to defend all locations with your new defilers and lurkers in order to secure a 4th and 5th gas and later with those extra gas go Ultralisks!

Both of these styles with defilers work out and both of them are great its your own styles that determines how you will use the defiler!

Late Game a very important part is making sure the Terran does not get up a high science vessel count. Generally plague works very well in destroying science vessel, if plague is not researched you need scourge, have 4-6 scourge handy at all times for drops/wandering science vessels.

Few Tricks Late Game: Generally ZvT late game it is very beneficial to get the weird upgrades you might have missed on your rush to the defilers. you want upgrades in melee and range. you want to upgrade burrow. OVERLORD SPEED is essential for late game ZvT. You can be VERY annoying to a terran. If you place your overlords around the map as long as they have speed you can see all of where his army moves while not suffering overlord loss.

Ultralisks and Defiler upgrades: With Defilers always upgrade in this order: Consume, Plague, Energy upgrade. With Ultralisks upgrade in this order: ARMOR, Speed.

Terran's 1 base 3 barrack sunken break: If you scout Terran going for a 3 barrack build Terran's main plan is to time a push to break your sunkens right before your lurkers or mutalisks. Generally against a terran playing this way you want to place an overlord on the path they push on. Some general tips are a bit slower 2nd gas this is because you need more minerals for the desired sunkens and that if his break fails he will lose. Generally when he pushes out he will have 22 marines 2 firebats and 5-7 medics. You want to have 7-8 sunken colonies (yes that many). This is an all-in build and if defeated Terran with no expo will lose to your 3 hatcheries. After his attack fails (and yes he will attack even 8 sunkens) you will want your tech to harrass him and bring your drone count up if it is suffering from loss of drones from the 8 sunkens. Do not make the mistake of not replacing your drones and losing your economic advantage. Generally though after this point the game is yours if his break fails.
Tips: after the marine count dwindles as do your sunkens dwindle targetting mariens with them help like 2 sunkens attack 1 marine instead of sunkens each attacking a different marine.

Terran Bunker Rush: The bunker rush is one of the most feared and powerful rushes the Terran can execute vs a Zerg player. Assuming you went 12 hatchery (sense 12 pool or 9 pool would beat this immediatly) you will have some trouble. Once you notice the scouting scv go to your natural bring a drone to your natural as well to see what hes doing, if you notice a bunker being built immediatly bring 5-9 drones depending on how good your drone micro is to your natural, you want to pinpoint where his forces are coming from then send your drones in that direction SPECIFICALLY to snipe the MARINES and not attack the scvs, if all the marines die and all the scvs live there will be nothing to combat your zerglings (Note: do not build a 3rd hatchery if he does bunker rush until later after it is defeated). Your drones are faster then his marines so chase after them!!! dont worry if a few drones die as long as you get the marines killed your fine. if the marines do get in hte bunker however lings and 1-2 sunkens out of range from the bunker should clean up the bunker rush in time. Playing after a defeated bunker rush is likehow i explained except the terran will have a severe economic disadvantage.

Terran Mech: Against a meching terran (Factories instead of barracks) you want to build 1 sunken pretty early to deny any vulture run bys which hurt alot. Then just mass up with a force of Mutalisk and Hydralisk. expand alot, upgrade alot, and get mass mutalisk and hydralisk and this is important DO NOT SWITCH TO ULTRALISKS AGAINST MECH EVER. Ultralisks are the absolute worst units against mech. besides their armor being of no use vs the 110 damage siege tank vulture mines rip them to shreads. even goliaths do very well vs ultralisks. but just mass up alot and keep massing up to beat a meching terran late game just get defilers in your army and still go mass hydra/ling/muta

Terran 2 barracks: This build is outdated its like a poor fast expansion startup, if yor opponent does this proceed to make an early sunken and scout when he makes an expansion if there is none add some sunkens when he pushes out if there is an expansion 1 sunken will do then follow up the game normally.
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Starcraft/Broodwar ZvT
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