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 July 2nd Tourney Results

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PostSubject: July 2nd Tourney Results   Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:29 pm

Here are the Brackets and results of the 1v1 Fastest Tourney on July 2nd Friday @ 9pm EST

**Bracket 1**

Game 1:
BackFire[Ls] vs. RaU-Xtacy
Winner: RaU-Xtacy

Game 2:
MoNsTeR[Ls] vs. x3.3east
Winner: x3.3east

Game 3:
Poop[Ls] vs. MidNight(R)
Winner Poop[Ls]

Game 4:
Misery(R) vs. Scfinest[Ls]
Winner: Misery(R

Game 5:
Champ)l( vs. Ki)L(lua
Winner: Ki)L(lua

Game 6:
MuFFinz[Ls] vs. Slayer[Ls]
Winner: MuFFiNz[Ls]

Bracket 2:

Game 1:
x3.3east vs. RaU-Xtacy
Winner: RaU-Xtacy

Game 2:
Poop[Ls] vs. Misery(R)
Winner: Poop[Ls]

Game 3:
MuFFiNz[Ls] vs. Ki)L(lua
Winner: Ki)L(lua

Bracket 3:
Each Player Played each other to see who would win most of the 3 games and for places ment of 1st- 3rd

1st Place: RaU-Xtacy
Have to play for 2nd n 3rd. Poop[Ls] vs. Ki)L(lua

Congrats RaU-Xtacy !!!
Hope to see you all next tourney Smile

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July 2nd Tourney Results
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