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 Recruit Tourny

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PostSubject: Recruit Tourny   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:59 pm

Begins Friday 9th July at 6pm EST
Ends Sunday 12th July at 12pm EST
All participating members will receive temporary Warrant Officer rank and WO Training.
Your aim is to recruit the most amount of members in Three days.

Upon recruiting someone you must send a Pm Directly to myself with the name of recruit and the time of recruiting in EST or your recruit may not be counted.

The rewards for the winner are a promotion based on rank
and Clan Hall of Fame Status.

A register will be set up by Monday 5th July where you can join in the festivities, a prompt will appear in the Clan channel, Type !JoinT to sign up.

There may also be prizes for runner ups based on the number of recruits.


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Recruit Tourny
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