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 Hammerdin build

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PostSubject: Hammerdin build   Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:58 am

Ok i am going to post 2 ways to gear up a hammerdin. This is what most baal/chaos runners are.

#1 The cheap way.

hoz or spirit
shako ptopaz'd
mage fist or trangs gloves
dungos or arach(if on a duget try to get arach)
mf boots or war travs
x2 nagels and a highlords
7 mf scs arnt needed as most hdins run about 225-250 mf
you may want a few but don't fill your inv with them.

IF you have the funds or friends to gear up a expesive hdin heres what you need.

Heart of the oak 35+res
Hoz with um in it.
mage fist
treks or war travs
x2 stone of jordans or fcr rings
call to arms and bo sheild on switch
anni and ptorch
pcombs and life scs

Max these in the order listd

Holy Hammer
blessed aim
holy sheild

you must max everything befor holy sheild

Stat Points: try to use only str/dex neede for gear.(nigma gives mad str so only use enough str to put on your nigma)
and then rest into vitality

Pm me if you need any help or have questions on these builds

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Hammerdin build
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