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 Brief History

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PostSubject: Brief History   Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:35 am

The Republic started with 3 Friends who randomly decided to create a friendly gaming / chat spot. With that goal easily reached we now set our goals higher, moving on form our simple idea to a much greater one.

The(R)epublic™️ is a based clan that can be found on USEast, channel Clan Rep.
After setting up a website at we moved on to create these forums progressing and moving forward.
While we may lose members along the way we still gain many friends who can enjoy, idle, chat and partake in all that Clan Rep has to offer.
With the prepration for the release of starcraft 2 we hope to remain strong and expand the community that we have worked so hard to bulid by offering help and support to anyone. Team speak, Bot help/setup, Trivia, Forums or just a place to call home online.

I hope to keep the histroy section going as we move forward.
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Brief History
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